Scotch Brite Sponge Wipe

Scotch Brite Sponge Wipe

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Kitchen and dining area are those areas in every house which are always wet. Cooking and cleaning utensils in kitchen area makes it wet and dirty and food spills at dining area makes it a messy affair. But with Scotch brite sponge wipe, cleaning all this mess has become a lot easy. Scotch brite sponge wipe is an excellent product by 3M Scotch brite which is made of cellulose sponge which is believed to be a bio degradable high quality fiber. Company even claims that Scotch brite sponge wipe is treated with special anti bacterial solution which prevents unwanted bacteria from thriving in cloth to make it germ and odor free. It is believed that Scotch brite sponge wipe can absorb water up to 10 times of its weight. It is safe to be used with house hold cleaning chemicals and can be used on kitchen counters, dining tables and kitchen appliances. Scotch brite sponge wipe not only trap dust, water and dirt, it also does not leave any kind of residue or any scratch on the surface and leaves it spotless clean. Scotch brite sponge wipe is easy to wash and is very economical.

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