Bajaj Almond Drops (200ml)

Bajaj Almond Drops (200ml)

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Bajaj Almond Drops is the key brand in the kitty of Bajaj Corp Ltd and is the leading brand in the light hair oil category. It is India’s most premium hair oil brand. In the years to come it should be a player to reckon with in the hair care business .

Being a light, non-sticky hair oil, it provides the nourishment without making you look ‘Chipku’. Made from real Almond extracts, Bajaj Almond Drops has 300% more Vitamin - E than coconut oil which helps nourish the hair roots and makes them strong and healthy. Apart from this, the Almond extracts absorbed by the hair helps maintain the moisture thus leaving your hair incredibly fresh and soft while naturally bringing out the beauty of hair.

Today’s youth prefers Bajaj Almond Drops as it fulfills the dual benefit of ‘do-good’ due to the almond nourishment and ‘look-good’ because of its Non-Sticky feel. Thus giving you ease of styling. It comes in a unique glass bottle which helps to retain the aroma, the essential qualities of Almond extract & Vitamin E.

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