Colgate Zig Zag Toothbrush

Colgate Zig Zag Toothbrush

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"The Colgate zigzag toothbrush is a leading example of highly effective oral care products offered by Colgate. The idea behind this toothbrush is to promote a more wholesome approach to oral hygiene. Armed with premium, high quality zigzag bristles and a uniquely shaped head, the Colgate zigzag toothbrush manages to effectively fight plaque while gently massaging your gums. This toothbrush has bristles with raised tips that not only reach in-between the teeth but also the harder-to-reach back teeth. Its mulch-angled zigzag bristles gently scrub the tooth surface to remove plaque while gently massaging the gums. The specially designed handle of the toothbrush provides for a firm yet comfortable hold onto the toothbrush while its flexible neck makes brushing with it an enjoyable experience. Also, on the back of its head is a special ribbed design that serves as a tongue cleaner.

Colgate-Palmolive (India) Limited is India's leading provider of scientifically proven oral care products with multiple benefits at various market segments. These products have essentially become a part of the daily oral hygiene and therapeutic oral care in India." 

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