Dabur Amla Hair Oil (180ml)

Dabur Amla Hair Oil (180ml)

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Oil massage on hair has always been practiced by Indian women as a part of their hair care regime. The efficacy of oil for hair has not become outdated even in today's age. Women of this generation, too, are aware of the advantages of massaging oil on hair and thus, don't cringe from the idea of oiling hair. To give benefits of oil care to hair, Dabur has long introduced its Amla Hair Oil.

In this hair oil, Dabur has imparted natural virtuousness of Indian gooseberry or Amla. Amla is known to have nourishing properties within it, which can incur positive impact on your hair. Once you apply this Dabur Hair oil, the goodness of Amla penetrates in every strand and every layer of hair. This infuses hair with new nutrients. As your hair gets replenished with nutrition, strength of hair also gets restored. Hair becomes healthy and radiates with beauty. Beauty of hair is not restricted to the exterior, rather, it emanates from inside.

These qualities, according to Dabur, have made Amla hair oil a coveted and trusted oil brand in India. You have to apply this oil on your hair or you can massage Dabur oil on scalp. The oil has to stay on hair for a night. On the next day, once shampooing on your hair is done, the benefits of Amla hair oil become evident. Your hair becomes lustrous and sports a healthy glow. So, celebrate the spirit of beauty by becoming the owner of stunning hair that is beautiful from inside with Dabur Amla Hair Oil. 

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