Dabur Keora Water (250ml)

Dabur Keora Water (250ml)

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Keora water is a type of ingredient used in cooking. Dabur has manufactured keora water to prepare special cuisines. Dabur Keora Water is an important ingredient used specially in the Indian cuisines. Dishes like biriyani, polau, shahi chicken, shahi polau, and any other rich spicy masaladar dishes require keora water for its taste and essence. The flavor and the unique essence of Dabur Keora Water give the dishes the unique taste that you wait for. Dabur Keora Water is important for many dishes. The bottle of Dabur keora Water comes in various quantities, such as 100 ml, 25 ml, or 300 ml for different usage. Some times Dabur Keora Water is also used for other works like making any mixtures. It has got a perfect bottle of a nice shape with seal and can be used for a long period of time. Many big hotels and restaurants use Dabur Keora Water for different recipes and thus give the best dishes of the places. It is a kind of product that Dabur serves for those for whom it is not possible to get the Keora Water when required. 

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