Goodknight Advanced Combi Pack

Goodknight Advanced Combi Pack

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Good Knight is the only fully entrenched brand in HI with significant presence in all the formats. Good Knight grew from strength to strength launching Mats followed by Liquid Vaporisers, coils, lotions and aerosols. There is a stark difference between Good Knight and other brands in this category. Every other brand talks of killing mosquitoes; Good Knight feels it simply needs to state that it protects against them.
This non-violence, in a manner of speaking, is at the heart of its brand values. The brand sees itself as a safe, gentle, effective, dependable and unobtrusive protector in complete harmony with the housewife – and her home. Good Knight enjoys enormous equity with consumers. Starting with its 'great nights begin with Good Knight' to 'protecting happy moments,' the journey has resonated with a deep understanding of consumer needs.


Good Knight Advanced – promises to give technologically advanced solutions overcoming the key format barriers with products like double power “Activ+ System” for Refill, Advanced “Low Smoke” alternative in coils and a “pleasant experience” aerosol.


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