Makke Bhujiya (400gms)

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Haldiram aloo bhujia is made of tasty ingredients which makes the bhujia crispy and tasty and it is been sold all over India. bhujia was first made in a city called Bikaner in Rajasthan and bhujia is a kind of snack which can be used for making chats and many snacks bhujia means mixture of all tasty ingredients' combined and mixed. Bhujia is yellow in colour and Haldiram aloo bhujia is one of the best quality bhujia available in the market Bhujia is very popular in states like Gujarat, Maharashtra, Bihar, west Bengal etc. and It is especially popular in Rajasthan. Haldiram aloo bhujia uses the ingredients which give us the best vitamin and mineral sources for our body and Haldiram aloo bhujia is a famous crisp snack prepared by using besan (gram flour), Spices, salt, red chili, black pepper, cardamom, etc. Haldiram aloo bhujia is one of India traditional snack which is very famous and this traditional Indian food can be eaten as part of meal as standalone snack, they use these mixtures for most of the traditional festivals and they serve it to the guests who come to their house and Haldiram aloo bhujia uses 100 % natural ingredients in the preparation of bhujia. 

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