Dove Dryness Care Conditioner (180ml)

Dove Dryness Care Conditioner (180ml)

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Since 1993, Indian women have relied on Dove for beautiful skin. Now, Dove helps you pamper yourself in a new way every day, with a wide range. Dove launched its hair care range in India in 2007, and became the fastest growing shampoo brand in the country. It’s highly conditioned formulation delivers the moisture promise of Dove. 

Shiny bountiful hair naturally displays beauty and can make youlookstylish without any effort. Going to parlour or usingexpensiveparlour products can help you to get that scintillatinghairdo. Thisis, however, not a solution in the long run.Maintaining the healthof the hair is the crux of having beautifulhair. Pollution,environmental hazards, climatic extremities take atoll on your hairand create extreme dullness and brittleness thatultimately causebreakage in the hair. How to do get those kinds oftressesespecially in the hectic everyday life when our hair facesa lot of aggression? Just like our body needs nutrition, our hairtoo needsto be replenished with nutrients for its upkeep. For thisonly thebest can be your choice.

To meet this end one of the favourite cosmetic brands acrosstheglobe Dove has come up with a unique product called DailyShineshampoo. This maintains the natural sheen of the hair andhelps thehair to display its natural beauty. This shampoo has MicroMoistureSerum that is a patented component that Dove has includedin thisshampoo so that you can nothing short of best for your hair.Thisserum nourishes the hair from the root to the tip and at sametimesmoothes the surface of the hair. This imparts a radiant effecttothe hair. With every wash your hair will feel the difference astheshampoo repairs and revitalizes the hair. Additionally, theserumdefends the hair from any kind of damages that happen duetoexternal factors. This gives you healthy hair that feels freshandlooks shiny everyday without any hassle. You can flauntyournatural style and become the style icon effortlessly. 

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