All Out Ultra - 5 in 1 - Refill (45ml)Buy 2 Refills Save Rs-10/-

All Out Ultra - 5 in 1 - Refill (45ml)Buy 2 Refills Save Rs-10/-

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All Out Ultra - 5 in 1 (Refill 45ml)

Bring home the All Out Ultra Liquid Electric With Smart Chip to chase out all the irritating and deadly mosquitoes. It comes in a stylish look ensuring 3 protection modes. All Out Ultra is a modern technology based, innovative smart chip with the the three modes. Each of them has been fortified with the protecting technology against mosquitoes depending on their intensity. The Fast mode is ideal for evenings when it works on high release rate for the first two hours before automatically returning to normal release rate. The Smart mode is basically or overnight usage when the device automatically alternates between high mode and normal mode. Whereas Turbo mode is ideal for high mosquito infestation season like monsoons when it stays on high release rate all through, after a fast start. The device also has an Auto Cut off feature wherein it switches off automatically after 8 hours of usage. ALLOUT® brand products range from coils to their famous liquid electrics to continuously protect your family from bothersome, buzzing mosquitoes. This brand's name hails from the popular sport of cricket, and it has been knocking mosquitoes "all out" for more than 20 years. ALLOUT® offers the best protection around and takes the worry out of pest control.

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