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Lifebouy Care

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Lifebuoy is one of the oldest International Brands in the World. Established in 1894 by Lever Brothers, Lifebuoy is one of the Jewels in Unilevers’ Crown. Lifebuoys’ 110 year old core positioning is Championing Health and Hygiene.

Lifebuoy Care: For people with sensitive skin, who need extra care.

Lifebuoy body wash actively explores the world with long-lasting protection against germs and is available in two refreshing variants Total protects and Mild care.




Lifebuoy has been 100% proven to reduce cases of sickness*.


*Reults based on a human volunteer study conducted in Mumbai over 2000 Families in 2007-08.

*Reduction in illness due to indicidences of eye infections, Diarrhoea and acute respiratory infection

To help stop the spread of germs and diseases, you MUST WASH YOUR HANDS. Even though germs are too small to see, they are there, so don’t take chances!

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