Odonil Nature (3 pcs Pack + 1 pc Free) - 200gms

Odonil Nature (3 pcs Pack + 1 pc Free) - 200gms

Brand: DABUR
Product Code: TOL01
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Price: `132.00
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Odonil Air Fresheners are available in 'Block' formats. Odonil Blocks are small space fragrances which can be used in your bathrooms, cupboards etc. Odonil Blocks come in a range of exciting fragrances.

They are available in easy-to-use & convenient packaging, such as 'Hanger Pack', 'Net Pack' and 'Dispensers'. You also get various fragrance options in each of these formats. Remember to check whether the Odonil Blocks are there in the cartons periodically to ensure that your family members are in a happy mood!

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