TANG - Mango (500gm) Makes 4L

TANG - Mango (500gm) Makes 4L

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Now Enjoy the king of fruits- Mango,as a flavor in your favorite drink Tang. You don't have to wait for the Mango season to enjoy the taste of Mangoes anymore.

Tang Mango Flavor is the perfect summer drink for people of all ages and from all races of life. Without adding on weight and unwanted calories that the fizzy aerated drinks have to offer, Tang Mango is filled with Vitamins A and Vitamin C. It is also filled with the goodness of Mangoes and has a healthy amount of iron content in it. It is easy to prepare as all that is required is chilled water. It is a perfect and economical choice for people having social gatherings or simple family reunions.

It is also a favorite amongst the kids and the youth especially after a hard day from school or after a sweaty session of outdoor sports.
For people who do not like hot beverages and avoid drinking aerated drinks , Tang Lemon opens a healthy new venue to quench their thirst. Tang Mango is available in various sizes catering to people with all needs.

This Product from Kraft was launched 6 years ago and now has a strong consumer base and fan following in India. 

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