Tide Detergent- Naturals Lemon & Chandan (800g)

Tide Detergent- Naturals Lemon & Chandan (800g)

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Tide Powder, the stain remover now is also available in Naturals Lemon & Chandan . It removes dirt and stain from your clothes and leaves the natural fragrance. It kills germs that lies in your cloths but spreads the fresh fragrance of Lemon and Chandan that makes you stay fresh. Tide Naturals with Lemon and Chandan is a finest laundry detergent Powder with an innovative benefit. It does not only remove the toughest stains but also provides you germ free attires. Tide is the world's oldest & most reliable detergent brand. Due to anti-redisposition technology it brings you the outstanding whiteness to your washed clothes. 

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