V Guard VGMW 500 Voltage Stablizer - 5 KVA (For Main Line)

V Guard VGMW 500 Voltage Stablizer - 5 KVA (For Main Line)

Brand: V GUARD
Product Code: STB03
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Ensure maximum protection for delicate and sophisticated electrical appliances at your home or office with the V-Guard VGMW 500 Voltage Stabilizer. It is packed to the hilt with unique and exciting features, which is just perfect for modern homes. Â 

The V-Guard VGMW 500 Voltage Stabilizer is a mainline stabilizer, which provides Overload Protection (MCB) and High Voltage Cut-Off ensuring protection from voltage surges. It can perform under a wide Input Voltage Range as it is compatible to all power grid systems. The stabilizer is extremely efficient and cost effective ensuring optimal power distribution. It features an integrated Volt Meter too. This table top mountable V-Guard VGMW 500 Voltage Stabilizer has an attractive and compact design that promise to infuse elegance to the interiors and save space.

Technical Specifications
Brand V-Guard
Model VGMW 500
Overload Protection Yes
High Voltage Cut Off Yes
Table Top Mountable Yes
Volt Meter Integrated

Warranty : 2 years 

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